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  6. Hi Virginia,

    I just read your Boston architecture guide. Great! Good to see many newer, contemporary buildings on the list!

    A few comments:
    -I would rate the Allston Library and the Cambridge Boat house higher…both received the Harleston Parker Award as did Maki’s Media Lab, which I think is a better building than both Stata and Simmons Hall (not as fancy, but more elegant and refined)

    -there is a Moneo building on Harvard’s Campus which is noteworthy, esp for the ground floor condition of the tower which is unique. The building is called LISE.

    -the Hasty Pudding Theater, aka Farkas Hall, (where they have the annual Man of the year and Woman of the year ceremonies) is notable in a surgical modern insertion behind a historic building. Designed by Leers Weinzapfel Associates (my firm, bias here 🙂

    -MGH Museum of Medical History is a unique building, one of the first of its kind for a hospital and fast becoming a tourist attraction

    -District Hall by David Hacin is one of the better buildings in the rapidly transforming Boston Seaport District.

    -Sorry but I think the Boston Public a Library Addition by Philip Johnson is a bad building to say the least…many will agree with me that the original Library by MMW is a much better building.

    -Beacon Hill as a neighborhood of vernacular historic Boston is worth noting.

    -Novartis Campus in Cambridge will have notable buildings by Maya Lin and Toshiko Mori. Both buildings under construction

    -off the beaten path (within an hour’s drive from Boston):
    Town of North Easton is famous for several HH Richardson buildings, of which the craziest is the Gate House. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ames_Gate_Lodge

    Louis Kahn’s Exeter Library in Exeter, NH is a must…a masterpiece!

    Hope it’s helpful. Just my quick thoughts, Take it with a grain of salt. 🙂


    • Hello Tom,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to compile this list! These are awesome buildings that I will include in the map. The links made it easier to indentify the spots-much appreciated.

      Also, note that the rating is a mix between how relevant the building is to the city (architect, architecture, history…) and how difficult it is to get to it. Sometimes there’s an amazing building in the middle of nowhere and that’s why it won’t have such a good rating.

      On the other hand, which are your top 5 buildings of Boston? I really liked your approach to Strata building (hehe) and knowing about Moneo impressed me so I’m interested in your point of view 🙂

      Thanks again!


    • Hello Chris! Thanks for your kind words. Got to love New York. If you find any spots missing please let me know, I’d happily add them to the guides 😀


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        • That’s very exciting, you’ve been all over the place. Berlin is one of my favourite cities in the world and Zürich is a city I hold dear in my heart. Summer in Zürich is just amazing 😍


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