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The Free Architecture Guide of Edinburgh (PDF)

While working on London’s Guide I had the chance to visit UK’s most charming cities and towns, being Edinburgh one of my favourites. There’s something magical about its hills, cobblestone streets and vernacular architecture that will make you want to visit the city over and over. This guide covers everything interesting in terms of architecture. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know in the comments. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Download pdf here: Edinburgh Architecture Guide 2020 PDF
Download map here: Edinburgh Architecture Guide 2020

33 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Edinburgh (PDF)

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    • This is great news, it seems the map comes just in time. With your new lens, the trip will be even more memorable. Do you carry many lenses when you travel or just your favourite ones? Have you ever been to Edinburgh by the way?


      • I usually travel with two lenses. Anymore and it gets a bit cumbersome. We were in Edinburgh in 1994, with our two children. This time as longtime empty nesters 😉. We only had time (one day) for a few things last time- Princess St., Castle, etc. this time we’ll have three days. Looking forward to seeing all the architectural items we can squeeze in, plus Haggis😊. Your map will really come in handy! Thanks, again!!🙏🏻

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        • I am sure it will be an even better trip with a lot more time to experience new things. Haggis… hahah that’s an adventurous (and risky) flavour to taste. I am more into beer 😉 They have many restaurants doing great Haggis along the main road. My Scottish friend made me try them haha 😂


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