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The Free Architecture Guide of Brussels (PDF)

Brussels Architecture Guide PDF

Visiting a city with a local makes it all so special. Thanks to my friend Alex for showing me around, it felt as if I was guided by Tintin himself around the city, getting to know its secret spots and most amazing stories – all covered in the guide. Anything interesting in terms of architecture is here. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Download pdf here: The Free Architecture Guide of Brussels 2020 (PDF)
Download map here: Brussels Architecture Guide of Brussels 2020

11 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Brussels (PDF)

    • Brussels is such a nice city! If you love chocolate (besides architecture :P), you’ll find so many places to enjoy amazing hot chocolate. And beer 😀
      Will you visit other cities around? Brugge is worth a visit too!


  1. Esta guía es exactamente lo que estaba buscando para mi próximo viaje, Gracias ! espero poder tener pronto la guía de Londres y algún día salga la de Buenos Aires,


    • Gonzalo muchísimas gracias por tu contribución. Esperemos que pronto salga la de Buenos Aires, amo esa ciudad. No te pierdas los puntos amarillos en la guía de Bruselas 😉


  2. Well, let’s return to Brussels: been in Belgium for a week two years ago – Brussels -De Panne/to see the North sea/ – Brugge-Ghent. The Royal Fine Arts museum impressed greatly. Going to return some time to visit opera in La Monnaie, sure with your guide this time, thanks!

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    • Our paths seem to interwind in time. I was there in 2016 but miss Ghent and Brugge! How did you like them? I haven’t been to a performance in La Monnaie yet, maybe one day 🙂


      • Both are over-touristic, so it’s necessary to look for the quiet places. Brugge is quite walkable, and like in Venice it is possible to find deserted canals. I was so happy in the first church on my way to the city centre (St Gilles) that stayed there for a long time: carved wood is my aim everywhere, but here the laces collection was marvellous as well (sorry, I could not stop sending you photos, for me such a pleasure to look at it once more).
        So for me Swiss chocolate is better, but the laces should be Brussels/Brabant!
        Generally speaking the atmosphere and intonation of Brugge was very pleasant, would be happy to return here – hopefully with your guide!

        Ghent is larger, it is necessary to take trams. The houses are bigger, it is not so homogenous as Brugge. Many interesting buildings, nice public space in the city centre (under illuminated roof)

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        • St Gilles church looks great on your photos. The details of the interior are indeed very intricate and beautiful. You made me want to visit Ghent 🙂 Maybe next time I am in Belgium, hopefully soon.

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