17 thoughts on “6 Successful Colour Combinations for Web and Graphic Design

  1. Yours is the closest to my liking except for the beige or whatever it is at the far right – I’m assuming that comes from the hand. I think I would have gone with a fully B&W version as the hand somewhat distracts, but I’m not the one making the choices. (Note: these days, people strive for diversity and if you are marketing these internationally, you might want to consider removing the hand altogether and replacing it with a travel pouch or something like that.)(Note 2: I’m not an expert in anything and my opinions should be taken with a chunk of salt.)

    The rest seem to me as studies in pastels.

    Note: I’m a guy, so I call those colors pastels even though they might not be. In my mind, that’s what pastels look like.

    Honest, most of those look kind of bland. Not that I have a specific preference (I would know it when I see it). I’ve looked at various color wheels and charts in the past, but the design of the site is what for me makes a given color combination work or not and I think that’s the case here. Most of those sites do not connect with me in a comprehensive way, so individual components – like colors – suffer as well.

    Anyway, I’ll keep this in mind if I ever do anything creative.


    • Hi Emilio,

      Your opinions are always strong, you either love it or hate it haha. Architectour is full black and white, despite the hand which gives it some color. But everything else is black 😉

      Thanks for your continuous support with the emails by the way.


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