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The Free Architecture Guide of Split (PDF)

Anybody exploring Croatia soon? Whilst planning my trip to this historical city, I was interested in a lot more than architecture, which is normally my main focus. Split’s proximity to other islands and exciting culinary scene made my research to go beyond the buildings. In a attempt to share with you all the documentation relevant to this trip, I made a slightly different guide. This map covers useful information on what to see, nearby cities and islands, restaurants and (of course) Game of Thrones locations. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know in the comments. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Download pdf here: Split Architecture Guide PDF 2020
Download map here: Split Architecture Guide 2020

9 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Split (PDF)

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    • Hi Doug, how is Japan going? Thanks for the compliment, I learn so much from mapping the world, plus it’s my way of doing the research for the places I visit 🙂 In addition, it has led me to meeting very interesting people. They are serious hard work, especially updating them every year.

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  2. Great guide of Split 🙂 you should have called I was living in Split for 2 years while working on the Spaladium project. I’m still in Zagreb if you plan to visit some day… and keep on with the great work!

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    • Hi Filip, this is amazing. I had no idea you worked on the Spaladium project and that you’re still in Zagreb. I somehow thought you were in Chicago 😂 I went to Split briefly last year but I miss it so much that I might go back this one too, will call you then! Do you recommend other cities such as Pula and Zagreb?


      • I would definitely recommend Zagreb with its mountain Medvednica and some interesting nearby castles like Mokrice and Trakošćan and also Ljubljana is a quite pictures city with a lot to be seen. While in Istria, visit Pula but also Rovinj and Motovun in the countryside is a bless. And as for the islands if you have time, Brijuni and Lošinj are nice to visit while visiting Istria and the Kvarner region – make also a stop at Opatia, the oldest summer resort in this part of Europe with longest tradition and exclusive hotels. Definitely don’t visit Dubrovnik during the summer, its over crowded now. Best time would be mid November or March. I’ll be happy to advice you for more…. :)))

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        • What a thorough list of places, thank you. Probably more than one person would take your advice while reading this post. Now I want to visit again so badly, Croatia has so many places (especially for us architects) that requires a lot of visits in different times of the year. Will keep you posted and will try to see you next time I am in Croatia 🙂


    • Thanks for the super sweet message 🙂 I hope your future trip to Croatia is well worth it and that this guide comes helpful.


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