14 Small Balcony Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love

Do you have a small terrace or balcony that you can bring to life this summer? Here are some ideas that will help you make that corner of the house as cozy as possible. Get inspired on how to make a difference with a space that is often undervalued!

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We’ve previously discussed how we can create inspirational working spaces or relaxing bedrooms and balconies are a combination of both. Make the most of your balcony’s distribution and light.

Above all, the space should be full of light, inspiration and comfort, and all these balconies do great on these aspects.

My favorite? #11, yours?





























53 thoughts on “14 Small Balcony Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love

    • I love that one too! It looks like an oasis 🙂
      Looking at this pictures is all the time I’ll spent in the sun this summer heheh


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    • Hello 😊so glad to read this, how is your patio going? What I think is remarkable about #14 is how beautifully the plants are arranged. Would you have many of those in your new space?


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        • heheh that was unfortunate but hilarious to read (maybe your words intended so?). When I read Dickens (of which I am a bit saturated by now :P) and he describes the Victorian society of the London we can subtly see today, I always imagine someone else like you writing about our daily lives and our mundane but happy moments of it. Overall, I think we live in happy times!

          Liked by 1 person

        • That is high praise, Virginia. I shall hold it close to my heart and remember it when I am feeling blue 🙂 We do live in happier times. The Dickensian times cannot even bear thinking about. I am planning to re-read some of his tomes to re-read in the next few months 😉

          Liked by 1 person

        • I remember when I first visited his house, a proper Georgian building that even conserved the wooden window covers. I stared at his desk thinking “Damn it, Oliver Twist was produced in this tiny table”. When you write your next big novel think that his desk is no different than yours 😉

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  3. What if I’m already in love? 41 years now . . .

    But, as far as balconies, most are too busy and cramped. The simplistic gray wicker furniture version (#6) is not bad but the chairs look uncomfortable. Hopefully, the greenery is plastic and not in need of any maintenance.

    I do like the second one because guests could stand on the long bench and increase their chances of going over the railing since it would then barely come to the height of their knees. It makes for exciting and interesting evenings, especially if they’ve been drinking.


  4. My favourite is #14. Open to sky, cozy chair for reading or coffee or may be long talks call and plants. This is just a perfect place for “ME” time !
    Mine balcony is most similar to this. So many varieties of plants, little wooden coffee table is what all I need !!!

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