10 Bedrooms Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay In Bed All Day

There’s nothing better than arriving to our lovely home after a hard day. It’s warm, smells good and feels good. Time to relax.

Bedrooms are this unique kind of space where light might not be so important, unless you are a siesta person. However, a good sunny view from our bed can be an inspiring way to start the day. On the other hand, the layout of the room adds up to creating a feeling of amplitude or the contrary; confinement, so you should pay attention to this as well. If you got all these right, you probably achieved a quite comfy room by now. However, if you want to have a perfectly designed bedroom, then you would just have to take care of the color and texture.

The following is a list of inspiring bedroom textures and color combinations.
Which of these would make you want to stay in bed all day?




























32 thoughts on “10 Bedrooms Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay In Bed All Day

    • hehe I could get used to that view too! Do you think #5 is so difficult to make? it got me thinking on what design I could choose if it was to occupy the whole wall… maybe a vintage would be cool too?

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      • Vintage would be so pretty too. I mean you have got to basically lay your hands upon the right wallpaper up your alley. I would not mind this or a vintage print at all. Some day! *fingers crossed 🙂


        • So much to choose from! But yes, as you say it’s quite feasible and pretty. Fingers crossed here too hehe. Maybe when I stop being a nomad, and stop living on a suitcase.

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        • haha nooo! I’ve been living on a suitcase changing city every 3 weeks since June 2016. One of my goals this year is to have more stability hahah 🙈
          But I will continue being a traveler 😜

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        • That sounds mighty challenging. I was living all of the last two years constantly packing cases and travelling like a lunatic, and as much as I loved it, I love being home. So much so that I used to indulge in wishful thinking about travelling with the entire apartment to every place, imagine the joy of that… which meant I could get my cold coffee every morning without fail, wear a dress according to my mood or pick the book I want to read. Well, enough blathering for the day 🙂 You have a happy one and may you get the stability that you seek x


        • I feel you understand me perfectly 😂
          I’ve thought about traveling with my whole apartment so many times, especially my kitchen. As you mention, things such as the morning coffee, that special mug, the blender to make healthy juices… can be something I’d really miss. I’m traveling to Alicante this Friday and hope I have good kitchen supplies at my next place. Thanks for the empathic conversation, I enjoyed it 💛

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        • Hah, the mug! I once carried two of ours and the look on my husband’s face was priceless. But a girl will have what she wants. Happy Alicante-ing. It will be gorgeous – sand, sun and tapas. Wonderful. Live it up 🙂

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    • I selected 8 because of the books! You are a keen observer. Do you also keep them in your bedroom? The views from 7 are really good, aren’t they?


      • Yes Virginia, I have lots of books and a big book shelf in my bedroom. And the view from 7 is just splendid. This splendid view and book in my hand will be perfect combination. 😊❤️


  1. The darkness of number 8 would encourage sleep, but from a feng shui point of view, they’re all problematical – things dangling over the bed, placed under windows or in line with doors, etc. Whether that really affects sleep is another matter. 🙂


    • Those are really beautiful. And I was wondering the same thing, could I fall asleep with that stunning surrounding? hehe 😉
      By the way, I ordered online some of your pens, thanks for recommending. I am trying to find good paper now. Have you used Hahnemühle?

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