39 Inspirational Business Cards

Business cards have been increasingly used since they were first used in 17th century Europe, changing the way we introduce ourselves and sometimes our work. It’s history and evolution is quite interesting. I’ve designed several business cards and it is something I quite enjoy – I find it is like designing a little house that suits each personality.

A good design takes into account color combinations, materiality and shape in a very reduced space in order to produce a piece of useful information.

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-1

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-2

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-3

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-4

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-5

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-6

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-7

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-8

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-9

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-10

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-11

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-12

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-13

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-13b

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-14

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-15


Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-17

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-18

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-19

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-20

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-21

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-22

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-23

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-24

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-26

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-27

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-28

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-29

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-30

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-31

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-32

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-33

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-34

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-35

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-36

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-37

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-39

Virginia Duran Blog- Creative-Business-Cards-Design-Inspiration-38

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37 thoughts on “39 Inspirational Business Cards

    • I would never use some of them for my own but have to admit that they gave me some new ideas and inspiration. I am glad you liked them too 🙂


  1. Some of these cards are very creative but probably not very practical…. as soon as I get a business card from someone I scan it in to my computer. Also it’s better to keep them at a standard size for people who keep them in some kind of file system. But I enjoyed seeing them… thanks for sharing the collection.


    • I think creative business cards help to make an impression, even if I trash them after getting all the info I always remember the person for what their business card looked like. Especially when we meet a lot of people (like art expositions) on the same day. But yes, some are not very practical if you want to keep them. It’s difficult to find the perfect one, right?


  2. Great collection! So many good ones, but personal top three are: Amelia Lyon (nicely finished and I do love the lion logo, haha, geddit Lyon? Ok. Well it made me smile ;)), The personal trainer one, and the bird behind the ‘cage’ one. Thanks for sharing!


    • I know! Some of them are very witty! The personal trainer one for instance. Just imagine the person streching the card to get the phone… hilarious! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  3. Loved this post. It’s amazing how creative people can be when it comes to business cards.
    Personally, I loved the one of Zaha Hadid Architects and the one of the clothes peg.
    I would like to contribute to this post by showing Egil Paulson’s easel card:


  4. De très belles cartes de visite, originales et efficaces. Avec un style dont on ce souvient et que l’on veut conserver.
    Quand l’art et le business travail ensemble cela fait des étincelles !


    • Je suis d’acord Christine! C’est incroyable ce que la créativité et l’entreprise peut faire ensemble. Une carte mémorable fera la difference.


    • Really good share and amazing way of recycling! Congratulations Arturo, you’ve been selected for a free business card design. You will get all the details by email!


    • I was really happy that every week I found some time to write! Interaction makes it all worth while so veeeery grateful that you stopped by and commented 🙂


    • Wow! I love the retro look and the collection of items all with the same logo colors! Congratulations Ignacio, you’ve been selected for a free business card design. You will get all the details by email!


    • Very creative business cards! They are indeed useful. This is a great share Javier, you’ve been selected for a free business card design. You will get all the details by email!


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