8 Beautiful SlideShare Presentations That Will Help You Build Yours

Presentations are just one of many ways to tell stories. We use them at work, weddings and birthday parties. PowerPoint and SlideShare (the online version) have helped to get millions of messages delivered. Storytelling, however, is just 50% of the total success. It may be surprising that what we do also needs to be beautiful to fully catch our audience’s attention.

Assuming you already have the storytelling right, let’s dig in the aesthetics of your presentation. The following are the basics of making a beautiful SlideShare.

  1. Typography: As a rule of thumb, never use more than 3 different fonts and if you are unsure, just use one. One can never go wrong with Helvetica.
  2. Photographs: High quality, big definition. Avoid using more than one photograph per slide.
  3. Graphics: Make sure they all have the same style. No one wants a presentation with different families of icons, arrows and numbers.
  4. Infographics: The easiest way to get a complex message explained. Use them if your message is technical, geographic or numeric.
  5. Colors: Never use more than 5 different colors. When in doubt which, use Kuler.

This article provides the best resources for each of those points.

Wether you are presenting a new product, building your brand or just introducing yourself, these presentations will be of inspiration to design a beautiful and appealing message.

Please share other beautiful SlideShare presentations that you like in the comments 🙂

























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