5-star Hotels Under $200 That Will Make Your Jaws Drop

If your plan is to eventually travel the world, this article will inspire you on your 2017 trips.

The good thing about being open to visit every country in the world is that you can choose the best moment to make your visit. Obviously, traveling can be very expensive. However, if you plan your destinations well, you’ll get the best value for money.

Hotels are a good tool to find out how expensive a city is regarding quality and cost. As you might want to get the best deal, these hotels are simply top of the notch. All of them have carefully been chosen upon location convenience, wi-fi connection and of course beauty and confort. They have a +9 rating on too so they are pretty amazing as a whole. Please note that prices are cheaper if you book at least one month in advance and you are a genius member on

I’m lucky to have stayed in some of these hotels and look forward to staying on the rest.
My favorite? The last one, yours?

virginia-duran-blog-sri-lanka-aliya-tentvirginia-duran-blog-sri-lanka-aliya-interiorvirginia-duran-blog-sri-lanka-aliya-poolAliya Resort and Spa
Price: 117€ per night
Location: Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Description: If you are visiting Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is a place you can’t miss. Among its many attractions, Lion Rock – a massive stone in the middle of nowhere– remains the best. And guess what? you can see it from this hotel’s swimming pool. In addition, the fun thing about this hotel is that it’s thematic and it offers an elephant safari like experience. Book it now.

virginia-duran-blog-thailand-amara-hotel-rooftopvirginia-duran-blog-thailand-amara-hotel-bathroomvirginia-duran-blog-thailand-amara-hotel-bedroomAmara Bangkok Hotel
Price: 121€ per night
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Description: Probably one of the most instagrammed hotels in Bangkok, it’s widely known for its proximity to OMA’s brand new MahaNakhon. And truth is the views from some of their bathrooms are quite surreal. Imagine waking up to them? Book it now.

virginia-duran-blog-shanghai-les-suites-oriental-viewvirginia-duran-blog-shanghai-les-suites-oriental-viewvirginia-duran-blog-shanghai-les-suites-oriental-room Les Suites Oriental
Price: 121€ per night
Location: Shanghai, China
Description: The location, a couple streets away from Nanjing road and by the seaside, makes it an amazing deal. The views of the Bund from its top floors will make you jump out of bed every morning. Book it now.

virginia-duran-blog-cambodia-bar virginia-duran-blog-cambodia-pool virginia-duran-blog-cambodia-roomTemplation Hotel
Price: 124€ per night
Location: Siem Rap, Cambodia
Description: One of the reasons why you would visit Cambodia is for visiting the amazing Angkor Wat temple, a unique piece of architecture. Simp Rap is therefore one of the most popular destinations among architecture lovers and this beautiful hotel is located conveniently close. Besides the hotel’s swimming pool, you’ll have your own private one. Book it now.

virginia-duran-blog-buenos-aires-fierro-hotel-garden virginia-duran-blog-buenos-aires-fierro-hotel-jacuzzi virginia-duran-blog-buenos-aires-fierro-hotel-roomFierro Hotel
Price: 149€ per night
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Description: You may wonder why this hotel is far away from the lively area around 9 de Julio avenue. Well, because that area at nigh it’s not lively but very scary. It’s better to sleep around Palermo and spend the difference in security. This beautiful hotel has it all. Book it now.

virginia-duran-blog-egypt-luxorvirginia-duran-blog-egypt-hotel-al-moudira-luxorvirginia-duran-blog-egypt-luxor-room Al Moudira Hotel
Price: 158€ per night
Location: Luxor, Egypt
Description: Despite not being conveniently located close to the airport, this hotel’s unique feature is that it’s on the west side of the Nile. The main charm of this hotel though is its antique decoration, all in pure oriental style. Book it now.

virginia-duran-blog-san-juan-olive-boutique-hotel-poolvirginia-duran-blog-san-juan-olive-boutique-hotelvirginia-duran-blog-san-juan-olive-boutique-hotel-bathromO:Live Boutique Hote
Price: 161€ per night
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Description: Although San Juan’s main attractions are located in the Old City, the hotels over there are quite crappy. That’s why this amazing hotel located half way to the resorts (super expensive!) and the old city makes the perfect choice. Got to love its colonial style too. Book it now.

virginia-duran-blog-bali-ubud virginia-duran-blog-bali-ubud-rice-fields virginia-duran-blog-bali-ubud-roomKamandalu Ubud
Price: 188€ per night
Location: Ubud, Indonesia
Description: Bali is just an amazing part of Indonesia, Ubud –a region of Bali– is the most popular one for a reason: the landscapes are brutal. The majority of hotels are as beautiful as this one, and they make the most out of the environment. Book it now.


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