15 Beautiful and Minimalist Websites

Some weeks ago I published 20 Amazing UI/UX Web Designs, where I talked about the importance of minimalism (in color and layout), neatness and one clear message (like business cards).

Lately I’ve been working a lot on corporate web design (check #3) and summarizing what a company is, believe me, it’s no easy task. For that reason, today I am focusing on this topic. Each of these examples did a pretty good job on this aspect, all are fast and effortless to understand. And beautiful.

Hope you find these designs inspiring for your future web site. What are your thoughts about them?


1. TEDxMontpellier

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-TEDxMontpellier



2. Guillaume Juvenet

Virginia Duran Blog-Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Guillaume



3. everisDigital

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-everisDigital



4. Unterwegs

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-unterwegs



5. Joris

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Joris



6. Personal Brand Institute

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Personal Brand Institute



7. Numbers Project

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Numbers Project



8. Rubrasonic

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Rubrasonic



9. Sennep

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-sennep



10. Thinkmore

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-thinkmore


11. Real Heroines

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Real Heroines


12. Adrian Newell

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-adrian newell



13. Paint Box

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Paint Box



14. Essential-icons

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-essential-icons



15. Plasticbionic

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-plastic bionic

30 thoughts on “15 Beautiful and Minimalist Websites

  1. I went through each selection. I’m not sure what feedback you want so will just comment. I like a website that is easy to move around in and easy to find your way and not have to click randomly to get back to GO. Some of these I did get lost in. But then I get lost in the WP Dashboard. lol

    My favorite one was Real Heroines probably because I was interested in the subject. It is attractive and the intent or purpose is readily seen. The pages are uniform and the extra links are a plus. I bookmarked and will continue reading.

    I also liked the Numbers Project. It was fun playing with the interactive.


    • Thanks so much for all of your comments! Hopefully some of the designers will read this too!

      Those are two of my favorites. The heroines project is really cool, isn’t it? In addition, the layout and color makes it very user friendly. On the other hand, I loved playing with the interactive part of the “number”, it could be much more complicated to explain what they do. I imagine somebody trying to put all the text in the world to explain what it is, instead, this visual interface makes it easy!


      • Your are welcome. They were all very interesting. Sometimes it seems designers get carried away with the designs and forget what the purpose of the sites are. We want to get in and out of a site asap. lol Some of the designs might possibly belong in an Art Gallery where we can stroll and enjoy leisurely. 🙂


        • I agree with you, sometimes it’s difficult to use certain sites due to its “creativity”. I often find it impossible to get the contact on the web site, which is probably one of the most important things. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to see these designs in an art gallery 😀

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  2. love your round-up. i’ve always loved the Ted brand and design; it is especially difficult designing a website around a ‘dry’ subject matter. at least as architects/designers we can use lots of pretty pictures.. 🙂
    i have just launced a new business and website, so have been researching heavily too. another fave is the Paint Box one – bold and beautiful.


    • Jane! Good to see you here. I agree that it’s easy for us architects to use beautiful images related to the subject hehe and love the Paint Box one, it serves its purpose amazingly in my opinion. Is your new website your blog? Share a link 🙂


        • Jane, I just had a more in depth look to your new website. Congrats on the result, it’s very well designed: clean, not too much text and well organized. Just one comment:
          – The “About” section looks very dense in terms of text, maybe a two-column distribution and an image will make it “more friendly”.

          Hope this helps, and congratulations for the great job you did 🙂


        • Virginia, thank you, i so appreciate your comments. And i’m very pleased you like it! Noted about the text, and yes, we will definately be doing a photo; i have a very clear idea of how I want it to look, but I am the least photo opportunistic person i know! Thanks again. J


        • You’re welcome! Let me know when you have the super picture available hehehe 😉 I am very shy in that aspect too, but it’s true that a picture of the team makes the whole business trustworthy!


    • Hello Dani, thanks for stopping by! I must admit I am against “dense” web design, it makes it very confusing in most cases, so the answer is no. All the websites featured in my blog are somehow minimalist. What do you think? Do you know any non minimalist designs that did a good job?


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