5 Skyline Photographs of Zürich

Some time ago I published 5 Skyline Photographs of Chicago and 5 Skyline Photographs of Madrid, now is time for Zürich. Guess where these pictures were taken!

Virginia Duran Blog- 5 Skyline Photographs of Zurich- St Peterskirche - Fraumunster- Gossmunster

Virginia Duran Blog- 5 Skyline Photographs of Zurich- Lindenhof

Virginia Duran Blog- 5 Skyline Photographs of Zurich- St Peterskirche - Prime Tower- Hardau Apartments 2

Virginia Duran Blog- 5 Skyline Photographs of Zurich- University of Zurich

Virginia Duran Blog- 5 Skyline Photographs of Zurich- St Peterskirche - Fraumunster- Gossmunster- Limmat River
Click on images to make them larger.

  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Zürich
  • Camera: Nikon D60
  • Time: 8.00 am-21.00 pm
  • Motive: Skyline Photography

If you want to learn more about Zürich’s Architecture have a look to my Free Architecture Guide of Zürich or click on the map below.

32 thoughts on “5 Skyline Photographs of Zürich

    • Mike, thanks for your kind words! This was the first time I visited Zürich and I loved every single bit of its architecture. You must visit too… but maybe in summer :). Have you been in Switzerland? I’ve been told that Basel should be my next destiny!


    • I’ll admit that some city codes in Europe can be quite annoying for architects. In Rome they were really strict for example. But when you see the city as a whole, you understand why new buildings are not allowed to be higher than historical city icons. Zürich is quite conservative in that aspect but its skyline is really beautiful, sin’t it?


  1. I’ve been to Zurich. But only to sleep in the Zurich train station. (Long story, but the showers in the train station were fantastic.) I’ll have to go there at some point. It’s great that they have managed to maintain the city’s character and skyline.


    • hahaha Richaaard can’t believe you’ve been in the train station showers! You MUST go back soon and now you’re closer than if you were on the States! The city is intact, I’ve seen pictures from the 1900s’ and it’s pretty much the same. Have you been in Switzerland though?


    • Hello Terri, Zürich was so small compared to Chicago that I managed to see the skyline from all points of view and each perspective was different, I loved that. Thanks for the nice words and hope to see some of your pictures of this city in your blog.
      All the best, Virginia


  2. How I’d love to get back to Switzerland someday! Such a beautiful country (not least of all, as a place to eat a lot of fantastic chocolate), and such wonderful people. Thanks for bringing me there vicariously for now!


    • Oh you’re right, CHOCOLATE! That’s a very important reason to come back heheh. I agree, is such a beautiful country, so green and nice. You definitely have to return. Any recommendation? I’ve just been to Zürich, should Basel be my next destiny?


      • Funny you should think of Basel; that’s one of the first cities I visited ca. 30 years ago, because a cousin of my dad’s lived (and still does, I think) there with her family. The guidebooks of the day dismissed Basel as a dull industrial city, but I’m so glad we had the family excuse to entice us because we found it quite the opposite: beautiful, rich in history and architecture and food and great people, and yes-oh-yes, chocolate! I highly recommend Basel. Also loved Lausanne (with its tranquil, lovely lake), Bern, Lucerne, Interlaken—the latter touristy, yes, but charming and easy to get around on foot and full of distinctly Swiss art and architecture, and because it *is* so touristy, had some pretty affordable accommodations and food to get student travelers like my sister and me to visit! Wherever you do go, have extra fun on my behalf until I can afford to get back there myself!!


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  4. You haven’t seen anything in Switzerland until you train to Baden,3 stops from Zurich,then go to Basel,and the go south to the italien region,catch the matterhorn in the morning…….you will have a hard time forgetting that trip….photog Peter Kerez


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