5 Skyline Photographs of Madrid

Virginia Duran Blog- Skyline Views Madrid -Black and White -1

Virginia Duran Blog- Skyline Views Madrid -Black and White -2

Virginia Duran Blog- Skyline Views Madrid -Black and White -3

Virginia Duran Blog- Skyline Views Madrid -Black and White -4

Virginia Duran Blog- Skyline Views Madrid -Black and White -5Click on images to make them larger.

  • Year: 2013
  • Location: Madrid (Spain)
  • Camera: Nikon D60
  • Time: 8.00 am-21.00 pm
  • Motive: Skyline Photography

If you want to learn more about Madrid’s Architecture have a look to my Free Architecture Guide of Madrid or click on the map below.

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Virginia Duran Blog- Chicago Skyline- Illinois Institute of Technology- Architecture


14 thoughts on “5 Skyline Photographs of Madrid

  1. Interesting skylines. Our skyline has changed so much since the earthquakes. I quite like the way our city skyline has opened up. Would it be correct to say that most of the buildings in Madrid are about 6 stories high?


    • This skyline has not changed at all. And yes, average is exactly 6 stories high. However, 4 brand new “skyscrapers” (57 floors) have been built disrupting this homogeneity. In what way did your skyline change? How high are the new buildings?


      • No new buildings yet but almost all the tall buildings, skyscrapers, have been or are being demolished. So basically I think we now have sight lines similar to what my great grandparents and grandparents would have seen when they were young. The central city has been stripped back to its basic floor plan. I don’t want skyscrapers to be built again. They are not right for our landscape. Did the skyscrapers in Madrid cause controversy?


      • I see, it’s still soon to be talking about new buildings. Some cities, as you said, have a certain landscapes that make skyscrapers inappropriate. On the other hand, there is a problem with the lack of skyscrapers in cities: urban sprawl and the suburbs. It is very unsustainable and this is why in Madrid people welcomed these new four towers. However, they are north from the city center, if they were in the midle that would have been different. Do you know if they are planning high rise building in Christchurch or is it going to be a different urban grid?


  2. Your vision continues an inspiration by Jasque Fresco. Would love to talk more about the architecture significance ! 🙂

    -your online friend M0ELICIOUS
    Alejandro Luna


    • Alejandro,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I am very falttered by your comparison. Jacque Fresco is one of my favourites, he had a global vision and time has proven that the future of architecture would look as some of his projects. Do you like any of them in particular? How is architecture from your country doing?

      Kind regards 🙂


  3. Thank you for visiting again and the like of my post “Boy, It’s Crowded”. I enjoyed your post “Curiosities: 11 Buildings with Unusual Facades”.


    • It’s chaotic, that it why is so interesting. There is more beauty in chaos than in perfection. But Paris and London have beautiful skylines too.
      Thanks for stopping by Klausbernd, much appreciated 🙂


  4. If we are analyzing MAdrid’s Skyline, I would like to point out the town hall. It is not the highest, however it is one of my favorite ones because of the front wall.


    • James, thanks for stopping by. I agree it is an outstanding building and it has a very impressive façade. If you ever return to Madrid, you should visit its rooftop, amazing skyline views 🙂


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