London, Spring 2019

Dear lovely friend,

I am happy that we found each other, it probably means we share some cool passions. This is a little introduction to myself.

I am a licensed architect and urban planner from Spain. I’ve been told my wide brown eyes open quite a lot when I talk about what I love and I can’t help smiling when I realize I am doing it again.

Architecture is not only my profession but it’s what gives meaning to my life. I am very curious about the built architecture around the world and this has led to an extensive traveling schedule. My way of understanding societies is in person. I need to touch the materials, talk with the locals and draw my impressions. I haven’t found a different way to filter the essence of these cities into my mind. Drawing, researching and experiencing the space in person makes me feel alive too.

Traveling is my biggest passion, the way I get inspired and my biggest source of education. It makes me humble, grateful and courageous. The more I see, the more I understand what has been done and what we could do to improve each corner of the world. This avid curiosity made me become a nomad.

I am on a mission to map the world’s architecture and change the way we perceive cities. I believe that if we are all involved in the matter, we will be able to create the cities of the future in the most responsible and effective way. Traveling is the means to fulfilling this mission.

My architecture guides are a way of sharing the places I find within my travels — my humble way to leave the world a bit better by giving more exposure and credit to the good architecture that shapes the world. What is certain is that we can’t continue building like we do, the world needs a change. The starting point? Understanding our built legacy.

I can’t envision a life without doing what I do and I hope you join my mission too.


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138 thoughts on “About

  1. Hola Virgina,

    Te escribimos de una empresa inmobiliaria de alto standing en Madrid.

    Hemos visto una foto tuya que nos gustaría utilizar en nuestro perfil en Facebook para un post promocionado. No sabemos si la foto es tuya propia o si te la ha cedido su autor.

    ¿Podrías ponerte en contacto conmigo porfavor? para poder así comentarte de qué foto se trata..


    Un saludo y gracias,

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    • Hello there,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. The good thing is that you can always return to London and experience these sites 😀
      I go from time to time to London because my sister lives there, I’m lucky 😉


  2. Hola Virginia, te sigo desde hace mucho tiempo, quisiera conocerte personalmente y conversar sobre lo que esta haciendo. No encuentro tu correo, no se si estas en Madrid ahora mismo, yo estoy en Madrid. Os sigo por instagram, mi usuario es velascoche, sígueme por allí para escribirte por mensaje directo e intercambiar nuestros datos de contacto.

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  4. I stumbled upon your blog recently, and am extremely glad that I did! It is really good to read all your blogs on the cities of the world. You bring in a very different perspective – I am going to use your guides to take a deeper look at the cities which I plan to visit in the future. Thank you for your inspiration and keep up the stellar job!

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    • Hello! Thanks so much for your kind words, they made my day 🙂
      I love traveling and getting to know diverse cultures, that’s why I make these guides, to better understand the locals in their context of each city. If you find any mistakes or outdated information please let me know. Any cities you’re planning to visit soon?


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  7. Virginiaa im a student from Thailand I love your blog and Im on travelling solo backpack in Europe and i did all of Your place in Lisbon and it’s reallyyy cooll Thx q so much for such this perfect website and gorgeous … Colour design everythingg 🙂
    Ps . I would like to write my own blog but I dont know how to start .. If You have any recommendation or any website can i write my blog for beginner😅😆😆
    Thank you to you Virginiaa You are my Idol

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    • Hello friend! How did you like Lisbon? Are you still backpacking around Europe? Thanks for your encouraging words, they made my day 🙂

      Start with WordPress, so easy and free. Choose a topic you love and just start blogging 😀

      Lots of love, Virginia


  8. Yesss now im still backpack in europe and i did in Madrid also follow your route hahah you are such a cool
    Girlll everrr Virginiaa I loveee youu ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ I wish if we can meet somewhere around the world and if you come to bangkok, Thailand please let me know i will b glad to show you aroynd too


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  10. Hello Virginia! My name is Etienne and I am a graphic designer based in Vancouver BC Canada. I would like to ask you a question re: one of the images you have used on your “10 sites to take the best skyline pictures in San Francisco” post. I have tried to find an email address but was not able to. Would it be possible to reach out when you can? Many thanks and have a great day! E.

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    • Hi Doug, it sounds very cool. Definitely next time I am in the Bat Area I’d give you a ring. Thank you.

      ps. hope you like the PDF Architectour sample


    • Thanks for your kind words Marcin! I love doing these maps and sharing my favorite spots with the world is the least I could do to give more exposure to the good architecture there is in the world.

      Let me know how you find Boston and New York 😉


  11. Ok. Sure I would.

    Doing maps is very important. Especially in Japan, where the buildings are very hard to find and identify. I plan to do few mines after my visit to Japan. I think people should share, and let the other experience the architecture in person. It is really a pity if you were there and just missed a great building next block or behind the corner… I hope you know what I mean.

    Since last one and half year I have travelled quite a lot, and – as being interested in architecture – I did a lot of photographs. If you are interested visit my photo-bog on https://fabrzezicki.wordpress.com/


  12. Being quite experienced urban explorer I totally agree with you about the virtual maps (as you see, I used yours a lot), but do not agree with the idea of printed paper guide. I just think it is obsolete. I have used those printed guides a lot. They usually end up quite heavy and unwieldy. After walking 10-12 miles a day a weight is something that becomes really the issue. Maybe some people would benefit from this form of a guide/sketchbook, but I would always prefer to use the phone. It’s lighter and tells you your current position. Anyway, good luck with you project.

    I really like your sketches.


  13. hola desde Toulouse(Tolosa), Francia! glad to have come across your blog, tons of inspiration and good luck in all your present(and future!) endeavours… con amistad y hasta lproxima, guapa! 🙂


  14. Hi Virginia! Happy to have found your blog! I like your blog and your style. În altă ordine de idei, sunteți un minunat peregrin prin lume cu pasiunea călătoriilor dar și o misiune certă (de cartografiere și percepții noi, inovatoare), îmi place. Un salut cald și toate cele bune !

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  16. Hola Virginia ! te acabo de descubrir- Quisiera saber si hay una versión de tu blog en Español, ya que si bien yo hablo Inglés, quisiera recomendarlo a personas que no lo hablan. Saludos desde Córdoba, Argentina

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    • Hola Liliana, un gusto saludarte. Desgraciadamente escribo todo en inglés pero es verdad que es muy visual y a veces no hace falta entender todo. Te mando un abrazo desde Londres 🙂


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  20. Hello there,
    I am a Thai architect. I have just read your article “Bangkok City Guide: 23 Places to See in Thailand’s Capital” on website ArchDaily; which I found some information wrong. I presume that you may have been confused with other projects or got it wrong from your source.

    The project, Tree House Bangkok, was not designed by Duangrit Bunnag. The architects of this project are Mr.Nuntapong Yindeekhun and Mr.Bunphot Wasukree, who are my school friends. It will be nice for you to doublecheck my info with the local magazine Baan Lae Suan or with the original owner.

    I hope you will find my comment here and fix the credit of the project.


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    • Hi,
      Thank you kindly for letting me know about a mistake. I’ll correct it tonight and will let ArchDaily know too so they can fix it on their website as well. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and send me this feedback. Please if you find any other mistakes, let me know.

      Best, Virginia


        • I fixed this information on my article and notified ArchDaily too. Since they’re a big digital medium, you should expect the problem to be fixed within a couple of days. Again, many thanks for letting me know 🙂


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