5 Travel Books I am Reading (and Loving) Right Now

Reading is one of life’s best pleasures. And an expression of self-love. Finding time to devour a book can be quite challenging. But finding a good book can be even trickier.

Occasionally, I’ve come across really good books. Books about architecture, travel and history – which are my personal favourites. After a while, however, I’ve realised that styles overlap and, similarly to fashion, often seem to go round in circles. This means it’s hard to find original pieces that do not copy or follow existing trends and that I am often bored to tears by the end of the book. Sometimes, though, there’s an epic ending to a rather bland book. That’s why I always read till the end. Unfailingly hoping for a surprise.

There are endless ways to tell a story. While history books should be informative, they can also be entertaining. Or architectural content, it can be presented in many ways other than facts alone: with questions and subtle brushstrokes for example. Travel books are meant to make the reader dream, vividly transporting her to another world. Luckily, there are many authors who master this art. And this is what this article is about.

Today I want to share with you some of the books I am delightfully devouring in the evenings. When the gentle afternoon light comes in my peaceful living room and only the company of a green tea is with me.

Spoiler: My book is NOT on the list 😜

1. The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel

Author: Rachael Antony and Joel Henry
Brief description: A compilation of unique and exciting travel experiences with useful instructions and suggestions.
Why is this book worth reading: If you are bored of traveling in the same way – or are open to new and unknown experiences – the list will surprise you in pleasant ways, especially if you’ve seen it all.

Buy it here!

2. Around the World in Eighty Martinis

Author: Gustav Temple and Vic Darkwood
Brief description: Trying to win a bet, the authors share with us their adventures around the world, using different means of transport on every route.
Why is this book worth reading: This book is perfect for those looking for traveling inspiration for content creation. I warn you, the humour is British-dry and sexist to say the least, but the storytelling is superb. Spoiler: I never thought it was possible to travel by whale.

Buy it here!

3. The Happiness Passport: A World Tour of Joyful Living in 50 Words

Author: Megan C Hayes and illustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova
Brief description: A joyful exploration of unusual vocabulary found in different cultures across the globe.
Why is this book worth reading: If you love learning about new cultures and their ways of living, this book will provide inspiration and make you curious about different countries and their ways of speaking and thinking. The words are beautifully explained and I loved the curation of places and feelings.

Buy it here!

4. The Illustrated Atlas of Architecture and Marvelous Monuments

Author: Alexandre Verhille and ilustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova
Brief description: This unique architecture atlas shows the most remarkable buildings in the world. Children and adults will marvel in amazement.
Why is this book worth reading: Have you ever felt like writing down all the places you want to visit across the globe? this atlas provides a canvas to do so as well as giving you an overview of suggestions.

Buy it here!

5. Britain: A Guide to Architectural Styles from 1066 to the Present Day

Author: Hubert J. Pragnell
Brief description: A historical guide to Britain’s architecture with beautiful illustrations by the author.
Why is this book worth reading: If you are planning a trip around Britain, this little and beautiful book will give you the context of the best built examples. Loved that it actually makes you want to visit every location.

Buy it here!

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