13 Of The Most Unconventional Urban Steps Around The World

Stairs, like bridges, connect two different points in space. Its purpose is both functional and symbolic.

Among the many types of stairs, those found in open urban spaces are the most interesting. This list is a collection of some of the most thoughtful urban interventions around the world that use steps as the medium to link spaces. From additions to existing stairs to integral designs, these projects resolve an urban conflict providing dynamism and connection.

What do you think about them? My favorite is #9, yours?
Let me know in the comments below!

Check these 9 Amazing Universities

1. Burnley Living Roofs
University of Melbourne (Burnley Campus), Melbourne


2. The Cascade Project
The Centrium, Hong Kong


3. Lusatian Landmark
Dresden, Germany


4. Town Entrance
Chatenay Mallory, France


5. The Lucky Knot bridge
Changsha, China


6. Cape Square
Durrës, Albania


7. Green Acres
Trenton, New Jersey


8. The Passage
Chattanooga, Tennessee


9. Trollstigplatået
Trollstigen plateau, Norway


10. Termeh Office
Hamadan, Iran


11. Tucson Mountain Retreat
Sonoran Desert, Arizona


12. Ewha Woman’s University
Seoul, Korea


13. Quilotoa Shalalá Overlook
Zumbahua, Ecuador

13 thoughts on “13 Of The Most Unconventional Urban Steps Around The World

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    • Love that one too! It’s also a very compact design and I always think the smaller the more complex. Any chances of you going to South America soon? 😜


  2. I think, it’s accessible to water body by stairs and if not can enjoy view. And the most important is ramp is their. Will be helpful to handicaps.
    No any chances in near future. But I would love to.


    • It’s true! Now I see it, I didn’t pay attention to the handicap design with the ramp – thanks for pointing it out. I have never been in Ecuador and would love to someday too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Me gusto la #8… genera distintas tipologias de espacios/experiencias en un mismo diseño.
    En cuanto a diseño estoy de acuerdo contigo que el #9 es espectacular.
    El #11 me recordó al monumento del holocausto de Eisenman y el #12 es monumental y se ve sumamente interesante.

    Liked by 1 person

    • El 8 aunque no sea tan vistoso es muy interesante por lo que dices, las diferentes tipologías de espacios. Por otra parte, el 12 me parece un proyecto urbano espectacular pero un epic fail de arquitectura. Las clases que están pegadas más al fondo carecen de luz y hay algunos espacios internos que son residuales en consecuencia a la formalidad del proyecto…


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