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The Free Architecture Guide of Boston (PDF)

Virginia Duran Blog- Boston Architecture Guide 2017 PDF

I visited Boston for the first time two years ago. Its buildings, primarily low-rise, the city layout, based on narrow and winding streets and its parks, part of the urban grid, made me like Boston immediately. In my opinion, Boston has every good thing about European architecture without losing the distinctive touch of Northern America.  Anything interesting in terms of architecture is in this map. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Download pdf here: Boston Architecture Guide 2020 (PDF)
Download map here: Boston Architecture Guide 2020

9 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Boston (PDF)

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  3. Well, another place I’m unlikely to visit, but you just never know. One day I may get the urge to surround myself with strangers likely to irritate the bejesus out of me. Thanks.


  4. Oops! The flag located just below the Boston Convention Center label is incorrect. It’s not the L Street Bath House, but it’s not the Emerald Necklace either. That would suggest there might be another errant notation somewhere, but finding it would be a bit of a chore….


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