The Free Architecture Guide of Istanbul (PDF)

Virginia Duran Blog- Istanbul Architecture Guide 2017 PDFEveryone agrees on Istanbul’s magical charm, which still has some grandeur of the Byzantine Empire. When I first visited this summer, I was very impressed by its architecture: mosques, hidden baths and its unique skyline. Anything interesting in terms of architecture is here. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy! PS: Make sure you visit Cappadocia too.

Download pdf here: Istanbul Architecture Guide 2020 (PDF)
Download map here: Istanbul Architecture Guide 2020

28 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Istanbul (PDF)

    • Love the honesty of your comments- that’s why they always make me laugh! Why wouldn’t you go to Istanbul may I ask? Hope it has nothing to do with a bad experience!


  1. Spent a fantastic 10 days in this marvelous city last year and now have the perfect excuse to go back–I only saw about a quarter of these buildings! Thanks.


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  4. Virginia I have lived in all these cities (Chicago, Madrid, Lisbon, Istanbul) and a few others. It would be great to share opinions about how architecture shapes the atmosphere of each one. Coffee? I am in Barcelona.


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  6. Virginia I am so glad that I found your guides! I will use the Bangkok and Istanbul guides next month. I am a new photographer and hope to capture some great photos while I am there thanks for your tips on where to go.


    • Están sin actualizar desde el año pasado pero espero que te sean útiles. Un sitio favorito: Maiden’s Tower. Es un poco lío ir con el ferry pero cenar ahí con la puesta de sol es una absoluta pasada. Disfruta 😘


  7. Hola Virginia, enorabuena por esta guía y plano! Vamos a Estambul la semana que viene y es una gozada haber encontrado un plano y guia como esta! Una pregunta: a qué corresponden los colores de los indicadores de mymaps? El verde está claro 🙂 pero el resto no consigo averiguarlos! Muchas gracias!

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    • Hola Xabi, me has pillado actualizándola para un futuro viaje hahaha. Te cuento mis nuevos descubrimientos, en verde los restaurantes y en rojo los sitios nuevos (si los ves en móvil quizá te salgan blancos) son los que apenas tienen texto. Mis sitios favoritos en amarillo. De restaurantes no puedes faltar en Hamdi, me encanta ese sitio 👌🏼


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