Startup School – About to graduate

Some weeks ago I published Selected for a Startup School and now this program is about to finish. Time goes fast. This past month has been very intense, I’ve met a lot of new people, I’ve received severe critics, I’ve been told to have a very expensive hobby as a startup (several times) but I’ve laughed a lot, I’ve learnt even more and have never been happier. I remember my first pitch, I had 3 minutes and forgot my speech in second number two. It’s been quite tough to be in front of 50 engineers who don’t believe in “your opinion” but in data. However, I started convincing them with numbers and my opinion started to matter. And all of a sudden one of them told me that he would actually pay for my product. Shortly after my first customer arrived.
Something was starting to improve.

Virginia Duran Blog Design Thinking 1

Virginia Duran Blog Design Thinking 1 (2)
Virginia Duran Blog Design Thinking 3

Virginia Duran Blog Design Thinking

First of all, thank you to all of you who have done my survey I couldn’t have come up with all those great ideas or points of view. I had to create this wall to better visualize all the ideas.

Virginia Duran Blog Design Thinking 4
Virginia Duran Blog Design Thinking5

Virginia Duran Blog Design Thinking 6

Also, Jesus became my team member and took leadership in the technical part of the project. He is a iOS genius and even better person! We chose Julius as a name for our startup (but it’s not definitive!) and started to do the hard work.
Julius became an online tool that helps you to create architecture itineraries based on your personal preferences.
We did a prototype of the idea of which we had to cut some parts for the MVP which is going to be an iPad app. These are some possible screenshots of the app.

Which style do you like best?

1. Black and White– Image background

Virginia Duran Blog Julius Startup 1



2. Grey Tones– Mostly solid color

Virginia Duran Blog Julius Startup
So which style feels more appropriate for a traveling app? By the way, the logo is a “J” but mainly a compass. And the name “Julius” came from a book I read when I was a child that was about a kid who had his own particular way of seeing the world. We believe Julius is this cool guy who knows his city by heart and brings you to this amazing (and sometimes hidden) pieces of architecture. I’m quite in love with this name but as I’ve said before it is not definitive!

The Demo Day at Tetuan Valley is a public event so if you’re around Madrid this 4th of December you’re more than welcome to come 🙂


35 thoughts on “Startup School – About to graduate

    • This is the most rational answer I’ve got so far. I agree with the neatness and the more complete feeling. I think as we weren’t sure either to do it for tablet or for desktop each result represents one version. Thanks for your comments, really 🙂


    • Manuel, thanks for your kind words 🙂 Number 1 is wining so far but even if it hadn’t thanks for voting and expressing your opinion!


  1. Go for the first one! It seems more serious (curated content). Not sure if many boys would be “early adopters” of the app with the second design… (BTW, I love it too!) Good luck on Wednesday! 🙂


    • Bea, you made me smile. That is very true, even if our persona is a female traveler we shouldn’t focus on that for the MVP at least! Will keep you posted and thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. I rather like the second version. It is friendly; as though I am taking a travelling companion with me on my journey. It will be exciting, and there will be discoveries but all the time I will be safe and well cared for because Julius is there. So that may mean that version has a feminine appeal????? Julius makes me think of Jules Verne. Congratulations on all your hard work and the development of your project.


    • Good morning! After doing 54 interviews we’ve realized that our target were women… not that men weren’t interested but the female travelers would be our main customers. And the second version is more “vintage” feminin but I think we shouldn’t make something too male unfriendly haha. Also Julius is about Jules Verne, it was the last reference we needed to support this name haha. 3 days for getting this ready, can’t wait!


    • Rebecca, I am so happy this is working so well. Even if I still don’t believe it, this dream is getting built and I am going to present it this Wednesday. I am kind of scared of this demo day thing but I have to learn to speak in public and present my projects 🙂


    • Actually I did the one with the skyline afterwards just to try how it would look with a picture on the background and the design stopped there cause I fell in love haha. I know the suitcase implies traveling but the skyline looks more like “architecture”. Now I’m having trouble with the colors, this is the never ending detail fight 😀


  3. Muy buenas Vic!! Siento no haber hecho la encuesta. Me dije que la haría y al final falle, así que a esto no fallo. Me quedo con la 1ª. Sólo de ver ese fotón ya me da ganas de explorar en la app para ver qué mas puede esconder


    • Deiviiiiid! Qué ilusión verte por aquí. No te preocupes y muchas gracias por aportar tu granito de arena, al final ha ganado la primera imagen. Te aviso cuando tengamos la app subida.
      Un beso 🙂


  4. Me encanta este proyecto! Yo me quedo con la primera version, se ve muy clara y sencilla para el usuario. Los botones se ven mejor y te dan ganas de seguir navegando 🙂 Muchas suerte manana!


    • Celia!! Nos hemos quedado con la primera al final, toda la pp son trozos de esa foto con diferentes edificios. Yo creo que ha sido una buena elección. Ya subiré todos los screenshots y un resumencillo de como ha ido hoy. Estoy de los nervios, sólo espero no quedarme en blanco hahaha! Gracias por pasarte y dejar un comentario :)))


    • Hello Terri, thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately we chose the first one! Actually I am writing an article about the app and the graduation which took place yesterday! Will post it soon 🙂


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