23 Inspirational Models

Louis Kahn and his assistants working on Bangladesh

Architectural models are a tool that helps to quickly communicate design ideas about a project. They are tangible, physical and sometimes interactive. There are many ways to represent an idea in a model, no matter if it’s finished or if it is just a concept that wills to find its next step. Hope you find the following models inspirational!

Architect/Team: Toyo Ito.
Project: Taichung Metropolitan Opera House.
Year: 2012
Status: Currently under construction.

Architect/Team: Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa SANAA.
Project: Flower House
Year: 2007
Status: Built (2004-2008)

Architect/Team: OMA.
Project: National Museum of Archeology and Earth Sciences of Rabat.
Year: 2010
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: BIG- Bjarke Ingels Group.
Project: Housing Complex in KASBA.
Year: 2006
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Softkill Design
Project: The Protohouse.
Year: 2012
Status: Idea

Architect/Team: Alan Wiener.
Project: Palace of the Clam’s Dream.
Year: 2009
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Enrico Dini.
Project: Prototype Machine Prints for the Moon.
Year: 2010
Status: Built with sand.

Architect/Team: Zaha Hadid.
Project: MAXXI Museum of Rome.
Year: 2009
Status: Built.

Architect/Team: Ingrid Siliakus,
Project: ??
Year: 2011
Status: –

Architect/Team: Gramazio & Kohler.
Project: Belvédère Infini, Genève.
Year: 2011
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Peter Eisenman.
Project: City of Culture of Galicia.
Year: 2011
Status: Built.

Architect/Team: AA Landscape Urbanism MA. By Shawn Yang and Yujun Zou.
Project: Vasai Fibonacci Growth.
Year: 2012/2013
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Frank Gehry.
Project: UTS Business School building.
Year: 2010
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: NO.MAD.
Project: Art Foundation of Lleida.
Year: 2009
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Gustavo Díaz.
Project: Recursive Systems.
Year: 2009
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Buckminster Fuller.
Project: American Pavilion at Expo in Montréal.
Year: 1967
Status: Built.

Architect/Team: Peter Cook and Colin Fournier.
Project: Kunsthaus Graz, Austria.
Year: 2003
Status: Built.

Architect/Team: Abalos+Sentkiewicz Arquitectos.
Project: Biobio Theater, Chile.
Year: 2011
Status: In progress.

Architect/Team: Lateral Office.
Project: True North.
Year: 2012
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Studio Otopi.
Project: Single Family Holiday Home.
Year: 2011
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Andrea Zuñiga
Project: Constructive Detail Model, Karla Sierralta Studio at Illinois Institute of Technology.
Year: Fall Semester 2012
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: Prechteck.
Project: Blossom Gate.
Year: 2008
Status: Idea.

Architect/Team: DUS Architects.
Project: Bubble Building.
Year: 2012
Status: Temporal.

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