7 Charming European Destinations to Visit This Spring

7 Charming European Destinations to Visit This Spring

Anyone excited about Spring? Trees are slowly getting ready to bloom, Europe’s cultural agenda is aligning art and film festivals and we are happy to start planning some weekend adventures. In March, April, and especially May, some cities in Europe offer the best options: pleasant weather, manageable crowds, and reasonable rates. With softer temperatures, blooming … Continue reading


23 Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in Paris If You Love Architecture

Updated 2019 Paris, the city that was born on the banks of the Seine, grew from being a small island – Île de la Cité – to the vast metropolis that nowadays extends beyond Ménilmontant, the vingtième arrondisement. The French capital has so much to offer. Centuries of history have left behind meaningful structures which also have … Continue reading