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The Free Architecture Guide of Ljubljana (PDF)

Ljubljana is Europe’s little secret. This small capital city (less than 300,000 inhabitants) is perhaps suprisingly big in terms of architecture, and the variety of its built history makes it a mandatory stop in your architectural journey. From richly painted churches to sobering Brutalism. From classical Baroque and Habsburg inspired-architecture to delightful Art Nouveau façades and interiors. And of course, abundant greenery (Ljubljana is Slovenia’s – and now Europe’s – green capital) and food. This guide will help you taste it all.

Special thanks to Tina from Visit Ljubljana and my friend Philipp Heer with whom we organised the trip to this delightful area of Slovenia, where I could discover – for the first time – many Slavic charms and architectural gems. Anything interesting in terms of architecture is here. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know in the comments. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Download pdf here: Ljubljana Architecture Guide 2022 (PDF)
Download map here: Ljubljana Architecture Guide 2022

32 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Ljubljana (PDF)

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  2. Virginia

    I have the domain name which I was planning to use for a project like yours.

    I am about to list it for sale but thought I’d check with you first to see if you were interested in an off-market acquisition.

    ~ Jeff


      • Your curiosity in travelling and exploring architecture in different parts of the world is amazing.. am flattered to see how many states and cities you have covered.. it would have taken you a couple of months at-least to travel and sense the architecture and culture and diverse nature of places in India.. but I would say it’s one half.. you still have southern, central, north & north eastern parts of India too… Many famous architects works can be seen.. Laurie Bakers’ in Kerala, Geoffrey Bawa’s in Madurai, TamilNadu has more than Shore Temple, North & North east gives a much diversed architectural styles and inspirations contrast to the south.. your next trip will be definitely worth your travel, time and experiencing architecture.. but I can’t deny your excellent work on the parts you have covered so far.. kudos..

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      • If ever you plan to India ever again.. kindly let me know.. if am also back in the country, will take you on a southern trip for sure.. am sure you will be astonished with the magnificent architectural wonders..

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        • I have too many favourites.. top on the list is my place.. southern states.. monumental temple architecture.. I have developed a favouritism for Indo-saracenic style.. few churches and temples in that style are just mind blowing.. if one is just shown arcades of the building, one can’t figure out if it’s a church or a mosque.. I love that level of synthesis.. now telling you all this in comments prompted me to make a post on it.. I am sure you will love it, when you see those pictures..

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  7. Your post and info was sent to us by a fellow Slovenian, and we are so glad they sent it to us!
    Outstanding information and map of the architectural highlights of Ljubljana. We travel there twice a year to visit our son and his family so we are familiar with the city and many of its beautiful buildings there are times So many times we walk past an interesting building and wonder what it is and now we will know, and not just the name, but the history of the building also! We can’t wait to get there in May and discover all of the architectural treasure that we are missed. Hvala Lepa for all of your hard work!


    • Dear Maureen, you can’t believe how happy your comment made me. You have great architecture in Slovenia, but Ljubljana is full of wonderful buildings, known and not-so-known. I hope next time you are in the city you visit some of these true gems 🙂 Warm regards from London!


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