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The Free Architecture Guide of Chicago (PDF)

Virginia Duran Blog- Chicago Architecture Guide 2017 PDF
Chicago’s architecture
is simply amazing, from high rise skyscrapers to small scale buildings. If you love photography you’ll find amazing spots to capture its magnificent skyline too. Anything interesting in terms of art, architecture and photography is here. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Note: If you’re traveling more than 4 days then it’s worth visiting the Farnsworth House!

Download pdf here: Architecture Guide of Chicago 2023 (PDF)
Download map here:  Architecture Guide of Chicago 2023

43 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Chicago (PDF)

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    • Thanks! It took me a really long time and I keep updating it because art turns up in the most unexpected place 🙂


  4. Great information. There is always something to do in this city and a good deal of it is free. A couple of things you may wish to consider the next time you do an update. White Sox Stadium is really called U.S. Cellular Field. The bridges over the Chicago River have a very unique history and people are able to go into the bridge towers. Some of them are double decker, for example Michigan Ave. or the Wells Street which has the “L” train tracks above. Thanks for stopping by and the like of my post “Iris Breaking Out”.


    • This is very useful information! I will add/correct all of this next time I do an update, hopefully soon. Thank you!


  5. That’s an excellent list. One minor correction: the Cubs play in Wrigley Field. One addition I would suggest is the Auditorium Building. It was designed by Dankmar Adler and Louis Suillivan, and is a great place to see a performance.

    If you go to Chicago, and you’re interested in architecture, the Chicago Architecture Foundation offers some fantastic tours (the river tours, especially).


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  24. Really a great blog. I’ve been three times in Chicago and I’ll come there on this saturday for a week. I’m an architect and I was looking for some buildings to visit that I haven’t seen yet, and I found your beatiful and detailed work, with many new buildings and places to see. Thank you so much!


    • Hello Roberto, I’m so jealous you’ll be in Chicago soon. I lived there for a couple of years and it was amazing. My apologies because the map is not updated and it doesn’t include images as other maps such as Tokyo includes. Don’t miss the Poetry Foundation, such a quiet and peacefully beautiful place 🙂


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  27. Hi Virginia,
    your blog is amazing! Very good job!
    I have a lot of interest in architecture.
    In few weeks I am planning to visit Chicago. unfortunately I am not able to download your PDF: Architecture Guide of Chicago 2017 (PDF)
    when I click on the link It gave me access to the following:

    Could you please helping me to get your PDF properly?
    Thank you very much in advance,
    Best regards,


    • Hi Dominique,
      My apologies because as you said, the link is broken. However, I am just updating this guide so if you could wait until next Monday, you could download the 2017 updated version I am working on 😉

      Will you be going for more than a week? If so, maybe Farnsworth House is a good place to visit 😍

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Virginia,
        Thank you so much for your prompt answer.
        I could wait, I going to Chicago the May 5th for 5 days. I should have time to visit Farnsworth ! I am so excited about this first time in Chicago and your blog doesn’t help me to calm down… This city seems amazing regarding the multiple shape of Architecture!
        I sure I will enjoy it!

        Have a good energy to continue your fantastic job!
        Best regards,


        • Hi Dominique,

          Just updated the guide, feel free to download the PDF now 😉
          Some cool places added are the Northerly Island, Mary Bartelme Park and River City by Bertrand Goldberg (featured in so many drone footages).

          Hope it helps and let me know if you need more recommendations 🙂


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