Mediterranean Tales: Malta

The most meaningful trips I’ve done in my life have always been birthday trips.

When I turned 27 I jumped out of a plane. That was a meaningful trip. And a scary one too. To me, birthdays are the real beginning of the year and I always try to block some quality time for myself. To think, enjoy, recharge and reroute.

About a year ago I celebrated 29 in Malta, the beautiful and unexplored island of Europe with a surprising history and an impressive legacy.

Next week I turn 30 and flights are booked.

Check these and other amazing spots of Malta on the map below or download the Free Architecture Guide of Malta (PDF):

32 thoughts on “Mediterranean Tales: Malta

        • Your stories are always like taken out of a novel, one day we’ll meet in the south south and you’ll tell me all about it over a nice cup of tea 🙂
          I’ve never been to Gallipoli, nor did I know about it before you mentioned it and I’ve been reading a bit about the place. Interesting.

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        • Interesting and very sad, too. Yes, one day, we’ll meet, for sure. I have just had a lovely visit from a blogging friend from France. 🙂 She and her husband are touring NZ and loving it here.

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    • Preeti, happy birthday! It’s exciting to know somebody on the other side of the world who was born so few days apart from me 🙂 I hope you had a good one, 30 is a big number. I felt a bit old 👵🏼🎂

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