Photography: 1 Dream Day at Valparaíso










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  • Place:  Valparaíso (Chile)
  • Camera: Nikon D60
  • Date: 6th January 2013
  • Season: Summer

Check these and other amazing spots of Chile on the map below or download the Free Architecture Guide of Santiago de Chile

23 thoughts on “Photography: 1 Dream Day at Valparaíso

    • Thanks 🙂 I just saw this comment. Valparaiso is such a beautiful city. If you haven’t been to Chile yet you should 😀


  1. One of the most beautiful cites I have ever visited! I loved the colorful streets and the hill top houses. I fell in love with this city as my cruise ship was approaching the dock. I been here almost 10 times and never got tired.

    If you go again, try to take a picture from the ocean to the city… that would be another magnificent view!

    Enjoyed all your pictures!


    • I have to agree with you that Valparaiso is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Loved going up the streets to start seeing beautiful views of the ocean. I haven’t been back again but definitely I would try taking a picture from the ocean upwards!

      Did you visit poet Pablo Neruda’s home? I got amazed by its architecture and the views!

      I want to travel again to Chile, any other cities I shouldn’t miss?


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  3. I lived there in 1993 as a student for a year. It wasn´t so colourful back then and it wasn´t really a tourist destination but it was a very beautiful place, magic for me. Back then I was wondering why nobody really cared about the place, this has obviously changed. Good for Valpo !


    • Oh Valpo, such a vibrant place! It wasn’t so touristy when I visited (2013) but it was colorful and very alive. I loved every bit of this seaside town. How was studying there?


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